“The right renovation can turn a home that’s not working for your family, into your home for life.”

Julie-Ann van Tol, Owner

Our renovations bring people together – with room to breathe

The right renovation can change your quality of life. Whether you want a bigger kitchen with better flow – so that your entire family can cook together – with a family room addition that works for game nights, birthday parties and holidays, a home office plus a primary bedroom suite, or a private apartment for aging parents or adult children, Lentel can help.

Our Red Seal-certified team undertakes major home renovations and additions – projects such as whole-home renovations, adding top floors or basements to homes, and building private suites to create multi-generational housing. Typically, the kitchens and bathrooms we renovate are part of a larger project when, for example, we renovate an entire floor.

The right reno starts with honest advice and decades of experience  

The first step in any renovation project is for us to learn what you need, and understand what you care about. We listen carefully at our first meeting, and use our decades of building experience to explore how – and if – we can provide what you’re looking for.

In some cases, that means talking through the pros and cons of whether you’re better off renovating, starting from scratch, or moving. We’re known for our integrity and honesty, and we won’t advise you to start a project that we know won’t give you what you want, or that isn’t economically feasible.

Our experience means that we can offer you advice on how to maximize your renovation budget for the best return in terms of quality, comfort, aesthetics and resale value. We’ll let you know where we think you should spend – and where we think you can save – without ever sacrificing on quality.

Our goal is to understand your wish list for your new space and integrate it with what we know about high-quality building. Because we don’t just want to build you a solution, we want to build you the best possible solution.

Lentel Construction Post & Beam Renovation
Lentel Construction Post & Beam Renovation
Lentel Construction Post & Beam Renovation

Looking for a multi-generational housing solution? 

Building codes are evolving to allow more housing on single-family-zoned lots. The housing crisis and an aging population are causing homeowners to look to their own properties as a way of providing housing security for their children, homes for elderly parents, and as a way to age in place with family support.

Lentel has worked on many projects with homeowners to build new homes, or renovate existing ones to accommodate multiple generations. The key, in our opinion, is to add the additional space while giving each occupant the privacy they need, and to make the addition look like it has always been part of the house.

We can help you through the development process

Over the years, Lentel has built several boutique developments in South Delta – collections of finely crafted homes in established neighbourhoods.

Our experience means that we’re skilled at helping clients through the development process – from the development application through to the building permit and construction. If your project requires a development permit for the subdivision of your property, or due to site considerations such as a steep slope or waterfront, we are familiar with all of the steps required to get your project approved.

We renovate your home to a higher standard

Whether we’re adding a floor or a room to your home, our approach is the same: never cut corners, use durable materials and proven technology, hire good people, and always build the project better than you have to. That’s why our renovation projects always share these features:

  • High-quality

    No matter what we build, we build it to a higher standard. Not because we have to, but because it’s the right thing to do.

  • Durable

    Best building practices, proven technology, and long-lasting materials all add up to a durable home that needs less maintenance, fewer repairs, and can withstand extreme weather.

  • Comfortable

    A home’s comfort level isn’t about soft cushions or deep carpets, it’s about the hidden features that increase your sense of well-being, such as even temperatures from room to room (no drafts or cold spots, regardless of the weather), dust- and allergen-free air that helps you breathe easier, or quiet rooms that shut out the outside world (thanks to multi-paned windows and higher insulation values).

  • Energy-efficient

    We pay careful attention to the selection and installation of windows, doors, insulation, and mechanical systems so that your new space is as energy-efficient as possible. For whole-home, or large additions, we also work with an energy advisor. Not only is it good for the planet, it makes your home more comfortable and you and your family more resilient in the face of rising energy costs and changing climate patterns.

We remove the stress of renovating and put the enjoyment back in

While a good renovation is – quite literally – a beautiful thing, homeowners sometimes find the process stressful, whether it’s because they live in the home during the project, or because they feel the pressure of making decisions they will have to live with for a long time.

At Lentel, we understand. We work on a limited number of projects at a time so that we can spread out our start dates, give you our full attention, and meet the schedule we set for your build.

Your project manager is available if you have questions, and we set up a client portal for you that allows you to track the progress of your project online. You can see site reports, pictures, your budget and schedule, and send and receive messages with our team.

Our positive and solutions-oriented building crew stays calm under pressure, works with you, and offers sound advice based on years of experience. At every stage, they ensure that all details and any unforeseen problems are handled correctly and quickly. Years of experience have made our team proactive and expert problem solvers, with a large toolbox of practical and creative solutions. Our goal is to take the stress off your shoulders so that you can focus on enjoying the results.

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Thinking about building a new home, a major renovation, or developing a property in South Delta, South Surrey, White Rock or Richmond? Please get in touch – we’d love to meet to discuss your ideas and share our thoughts.