Custom Homes

“For us, the best part of a new home project is the relationship we build. Throughout the design and building process we get to see our clients’ hopes and dreams for the future, and we take that to heart. It drives our team to make sure that every detail in our clients’ new home is correct.”

Greg van Tol, Owner

We build your new home to a higher standard

We listen, so that we can build you the best possible solution

The first step in any new custom home project is to listen to what you need – and understand what you care about. We use our decades of building experience to explore how we can help you achieve your goals: whether it’s to grow your family and open your doors to more friends, to have greater resilience in the face of changing climate patterns, to live in an allergen-free environment – or to include a suite for adult children or aging parents. Because we don’t just want to build you a solution, we want to build you the best possible solution.

At Lentel, we’re known for our integrity and honesty, and we won’t advise you to start a project that we know won’t give you what you want. Our experience means that we can offer you advice on where we think you should spend in your new home project – and where we think you can save – without ever sacrificing on quality.

1600x1067 LentelCon BoundaryBayBeauty CH TGB 9948
1600x1067 LentelCon BoundaryBayBeauty CH TGB 9948

Our homes are built to last

The design, style and size of our custom homes are as varied as the clients who hire us – we’ve built projects ranging from traditional family homes, to modern beach houses, and rambling seaside estates.

Our experienced team is trained in the latest building science and knows how to work with your designer or architect to achieve beautiful results, in any architectural style, with the systems, technology, and building practices that make every Lentel-built home:

  • High-quality

    No matter what we build, we build it to a higher standard. All of our new homes are built to a BUILT GREEN® Gold or Platinum standard, which not only meets the requirements of the upper levels of the BC Energy Step Code, it goes beyond them to address sustainability issues, both from a homeowner and an environmental standpoint.

    In addition to energy efficiency, BUILT GREEN® focuses on indoor air quality, ventilation, water conservation, waste management, durability, and the use of better, more sustainable building materials and practices. When the build is complete, homeowners not only receive an EnerGuide label that verifies the home’s level of energy efficiency, they receive a BUILT GREEN® label that certifies the homes sustainability.

  • Durable

    Best building practices, proven technology, and long-lasting materials all add up to a durable home that needs less maintenance, fewer repairs, and can withstand extreme weather.

  • Comfortable

    A home’s comfort level isn’t about soft cushions or deep carpets, it’s about the hidden features that increase your sense of well-being, such as even temperatures from room to room (no drafts or cold spots, regardless of the weather), dust- and allergen-free air that helps you breathe easier, or quiet rooms that shut out the outside world (thanks to multi-paned windows and higher insulation values).

  • Energy-efficient

    We work with an energy advisor on every new home project and pay careful attention to the selection and installation of windows, doors, insulation, and mechanical systems, so that your home is highly energy-efficient. Not only is it good for the planet, it makes your home more comfortable, and you and your family more resilient in the face of rising energy costs and changing climate patterns.

We can help you through the development process

Over the years, Lentel has built several boutique developments in South Delta – collections of finely crafted homes in established neighbourhoods.

Our experience means that we’re skilled at helping clients through the development process – from the development application through to the building permit and construction. Whether the City requires a development permit for the subdivision of a property, or due to site considerations such as a steep slope or waterfront, we are familiar with all of the steps required to get your project approved.

If you’re a homeowner or a developer, and you’re interested in building a project that requires a development permit, or partnering with a high-quality builder to develop land, please contact our team.

You have our full attention during your build

At Lentel, we intentionally work on a limited number of projects at a time so that we can give you our full attention, and so that our team of hand-picked craftspeople and subtrades can meet the schedule we set for your build.

Your project manager is available if you have questions, and we set up a client portal for you that allows you to track the progress of your project online. You can see site reports, pictures, your budget and schedule, and send and receive messages with our team.

At every stage of your project, we ensure that all details and any unforeseen problems are handled correctly and quickly. Years of experience have made us proactive and expert problem solvers, with a large toolbox of practical and creative solutions.

Your new build will also require the services of a house designer or architect. We choose not to offer in-house design services so that our clients can work with the creative professional of their choice, or we can recommend someone from our trusted network, which also includes interior designers, landscape architects, and engineers.

Lentel Construction Westham Island Timber Frame Home
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Your neighbours will love our crew

Your building team, which will also include an energy advisor, will be with you throughout the design and building process. We’ll be part of your lives for a while, which is why we’ve focused on building a team that is professional and easy to work with. Our Red Seal-certified crew brings a positive, solutions-oriented approach to the job, stays calm under pressure, and is respectful of your neighbours – who will love their daily site cleanups!

Our customer care never stops

As part of Lentel’s commitment to uncompromising quality, we’re on call for any questions or issues you may have once you move in. Once your new home is finished, we schedule an orientation to explain its features and systems, and give you a Homeowner’s Manual with the details of your warranty, systems, and key subtrades who worked on your home. During the orientation, we also determine if there are any issues we need to resolve.

We contact you at the 6-month mark and again at roughly one year, to ensure that your new home is meeting your expectations. In the unlikely event that there are any major issues, we address them immediately, rather than waiting for a scheduled check-in. We stand behind our product and want to make sure that you’re fully satisfied with all of the workmanship and components in your new home.

Lentel custom homes are covered by a 2-5-10 warranty from National Home Warranty. For more information about the terms of the warranty, please visit the National Home Warranty website.

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Thinking about building a new home, a major renovation, or developing a property in South Delta, South Surrey, White Rock or Richmond? Please get in touch – we’d love to meet to discuss your ideas and share our thoughts.