“When we started in this business, homeowners focused largely on price. Over time, their focus has shifted – they’re interested in how a well-built home can give them a better quality of life: make them feel better, keep them safe, cost less to operate, and help with climate change.”

Greg van Tol, Owner

How the BC Energy Step Code and Built Green® work together

What are the benefits of the BUILT GREEN® program?

While most programs are focused exclusively on energy efficiency, BUILT GREEN® integrates EnerGuide certification into its program and goes a step beyond in its overall approach to housing sustainability.

BUILT GREEN® considers your home’s effect on your feeling of well-being, your health, your finances, and the environment. It builds durability and resilience into your home, so that you can face the challenges of changing climate patterns, extreme weather events, and rising energy costs with confidence.

The benefits of BUILT GREEN® include:

  • A more comfortable home

    An airtight BUILT GREEN® home with superior ventilation systems has virtually no drafts or cold spots, and maintains a constant temperature from room to room.

  • Improved air quality

    Excellent ventilation systems remove toxins, dust, and other allergens from the air, bringing relief to asthma sufferers, and helping everyone to breathe easier – even in forest fire season. For clients with environmental sensitivities or allergies, BUILT GREEN® offers the option of selecting building materials and floor coverings that are free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC-free) and formaldehyde.

  • A more durable home

    A well-built home will last for generations, withstand extreme weather, and cost you less in maintenance and repairs. Your BUILT GREEN® builder uses durable, high-quality building materials like engineered lumber that resists warping and lifetime limited-warranty shingles, along with best practices, like waterproofed foundation walls.

  • Increased energy efficiency

    We work with an energy advisor on every new home project and pay careful attention to the selection and installation of windows, doors, insulation, and mechanical systems. BUILT GREEN® works seamlessly within the BC Energy Step Code; at the end of the project, your home is certified with an EnerGuide label that shows you, and future buyers, the energy consumption of your home.

  • A home with a lower environmental impact

    BUILT GREEN® homes have a reduced environmental impact, both during the build and in their day-to-day operation. During construction, we employ energy-efficient building practices, water-saving techniques, and construction waste management.

  • Resource conservation

    The BUILT GREEN® program lets you choose materials and systems to improve your water-conservation, waste management, and electrical efficiency, including whole-home automation.

  • Cost-savings

    New, single family homes certified BUILT GREEN® Gold, Platinum and Net Zero+ are eligible for a partial mortgage loan insurance premium refund. Green homes also cost less to operate, with lower water, electricity, and natural gas bills.

  • Increased resale value

    According to the Canadian Home Builders Association, homes with green certification sell, on average, for 10% more!

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