Lentel homes.
Built to last.

Lentel homes.
Built to last.

Many builders say their homes are built to last – but Lentel Construction offers proof. Since our family-owned company was founded in 1975, we’ve built and renovated more than a thousand homes in South Delta…and counting. The quality of our work almost speaks for itself, but our clients do most of the talking for us. Over five decades, our reputation for quality has grown so strong we’ve been able to build our business almost entirely on referrals. We’ve even built homes for three generations of the same family!

For us, the underlying fundamentals of quality construction have always been the same: never cut corners, use durable materials and proven technology, hire good people, and always build each project better than you have to.

Every new home we build is certified for quality and sustainability

At Lentel, we know that a new custom home is a huge investment – emotionally, as well as financially – and we return the trust you place in us by building you a home that will shelter your family in comfort for decades to come.

All of our new homes are certified with one or more of the following programs: BC Energy Step Code, Net Zero, or BUILT GREEN® . We’ve been building to a higher standard of quality and energy efficiency for years and our team is experienced at achieving the standards required to be certified at any level of the BC Energy Step Code.

We can turn your wish list into a space you’ll love

At Lentel, we don’t just want to build you a solution, we want to build you the best possible solution. So whether you want to build a new home, add a top floor to your house, do a whole-home renovation, or build a private suite to house aging parents or adult children, we begin every project by listening carefully.

Decades of building experience mean that we can offer you advice on how to maximize your budget to achieve your goals. We balance your wish list with the economic realities of your project, helping you to achieve the right balance of quality, lifestyle, aesthetics and resale value.

Our customer relationships last a lifetime, just like our customer care

When your family has lived in the community where it works since 1948, you soon realize that every job matters, and that every project is personal – that the passion you have for doing things right, is also a passion for looking after the community and the people you care about.

That’s why, at Lentel, our approach to customer care doesn’t end on your completion date. We stand behind every project we build, and during your first year in your new space we perform regular check-ins to make sure that you’re satisfied with our workmanship. Customer care isn’t a responsibility we take lightly – if you need us, we’re there.

Our experienced team loves a challenge

At Lentel, our team has the experience and training to build almost any kind of residential project – and we have: from a timber frame, post-and-beam house in the countryside, to an oceanfront estate, to a Net Zero-Ready home.

Our Red Seal-certified team is trained in the latest building science and knows how to work with your designer or architect to achieve beautiful results – in any architectural style – with the systems, technology, and building practices that make each of our custom home and renovation projects more durable, comfortable and energy-efficient than a typical home.

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Our Clients

Have you met our Project Manager Peter? Peter ensures our projects progress smoothly, liaising between clients and crew with a calm, organized approach. Here is what he has to say about Project Managing at Lentel:

“Over the years, I’ve come to realize that every client has different needs, personalities, ways of communicating and responding, and that an important part of my job is adapting to how the client works best. Listening to what our clients need and want at every step, setting a realistic schedule, and communicating immediately if there are unexpected delays or issues, are all key to delivering great customer service, and completing projects on time and on budget.”

“Our team genuinely cares about doing things right and getting the work done – we always go the extra mile, even when it gets tough. The quality of our work means that I can wear the Lentel shirt with pride when I’m out in the community, knowing that I’m part of a well-respected company.”

When you project is managed by our team at Lentel, you're in good hands.
Our first of two houses in our boutique development on Westminister Ave is receiving its final finishings before we open it to potential buyers! Eventually, we will be starting the second house on the property in the fall of this year.

Our boutique developments are small collections of carefully crafted, high-quality homes – in South Delta neighbourhoods, and have a reputation for outstanding quality. If you want to know more about these projects, check out our website. 

Keep an eye on @becir.real.estate for these home’s on the market!
From the bottom of our hearts, we thank all who donated to our fundraiser and helped us raise $13,500 to install water wells in a remote village in Sierra Leone. These donations far exceeded our goals, and we were able to not only afford 2 water wells, but 3! 

How these water wells will impact the village:
💧They will give easier water access to all villagers. It will be the difference between walking 10km to get water from a spring, and walking just outside their door.
💧Mothers can confidently give clean healthy water to their children and families, helping prevent sickness.

Due to the climate, weather and access into the remote area of Kendaya at this time of year, the wells will be installed in the fall. The donations are collected by Surrey Christian School and given to Global Partners in Christian Education. We will be coordinating with one of the leaders in Sierra Leone who will oversee the construction of these wells, and we are looking forward to providing updates in the fall!
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