Greg van Tol

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Greg grew up on Lentel job sites learning from his dad, Harry, to wield a hammer from an early age. “I started going to work with my dad in the summer and I enjoyed it. After high school, I got into Business Management, thinking that was where I wanted to go, but I missed being in the construction industry. I finished my business diploma and got my Red Seal in carpentry in 2000.”

Since then, Greg has become a Master Residential Builder and Certified Housing Professional through the Canadian Home Builder Association (CHBA). He meets with potential clients to discuss new projects, works with clients and their designers at each stage of a project, and is in charge of both overall project budgets and quality control. “Growing up in the company and watching my dad, I learned to never take shortcuts and to always insist on straight lines. If you do the job right the first time, you won’t have to do it again, or have problems later.”

Decades of experience – along with working every job, from labourer to project manager – have given Greg the knowledge he needs to advise potential clients if a project is feasible, or if it can be adapted or improved. He also knows the importance of employing a team with the right attitude and skills. “As someone who has worked in every position, I know that the most important element of a successful project is teamwork between all of the trades. Everyone needs to care about the quality of their work to make the project flow well, and to ensure that the trade that comes after them can do their best work.”

“My favourite part of working with clients is when I see them happy and excited at different stages of a project – especially when they have been living in their new space for a while, and I hear how much they love it.”

- Greg

Julie-Ann van Tol

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Julie-Ann is part of the ownership team at Lentel, supporting Greg in all of his roles with a calm approach and years of leadership experience. She began her working life in the field of education, managing multiple childcare programs in both South Surrey and South Delta, and gaining the Human Resources and Communications experience that serves her well at Lentel.

Over the years, she has watched Greg and Harry build the business with a focus on honesty, quality, and genuine care for their clients. “They always finished a project knowing that they had given it their best, and with confidence that it had been done right.”

“When people ask us why we care so much about doing things right, the only thought that comes to mind is, ‘why wouldn’t you do it right?’”

- Julie-Ann

Harry van Tol

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Harry started Lentel Construction in 1975 after working in the industry for over a decade, and in 2022 he moved into the role of consultant, as Greg and Julie-Ann took over management of the company.

From day one, Harry insisted on quality, honesty and integrity, and as Lentel grew, his reputation grew with it and his crew was never out of work – even in tough times. “For us, those values were #1, we always treated both our clients and our employees fairly. Our success was built on having a knowledgeable crew and taking care of our clients. If there was a concern, we took care of it. Period.”

As a born organizer, Harry’s favourite part of any project has always been plotting the critical path to completion, and then seeing the plans come to life, but he agrees with Greg that the most important element of any successful project is a knowledgeable crew. “You don’t earn a reputation like ours by yourself!”

“Lentel was built on our family’s values and it’s how we continue to operate today; use your talents and gifts to the best of your ability, and treat others as you would want to be treated, with honesty, empathy, respect and humility.”

- Harry

Peter Klomps

Project Manager
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Peter ensures our projects progress smoothly, liaising between clients and crew with a calm, organized approach. “Over the years, I’ve come to realize that every client has different needs, personalities, ways of communicating and responding, and that an important part of my job is adapting to how the client works best.”

As a young man, Peter felt the satisfaction that comes from building something with your own hands. “My dad was in construction and I always liked seeing his work and the progress it represented.” After gaining some carpentry experience, Peter began working in interior finishing and architectural and commercial concrete work, then, after completing his Red Seal certification in 2010, he moved into carpentry full-time, eventually earning additional certifications in Supervision and Operations.

“Our team genuinely cares about doing things right and getting the work done – we always go the extra mile, even when it gets tough. The quality of our work means that I can wear the Lentel shirt with pride when I’m out in the community, knowing that I’m part of a well-respected company.”

- Peter

Jon Sever

Site Supervisor/Carpenter
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Jon leads the team through many of the technical aspects of our projects. He has a special interest in energy conservation and building science, and takes a “house as a total system” approach to maximizing the comfort level of a home.

He appreciates the rigour of the air tests he has to pass to achieve a high energy-efficiency rating. “Inspectors can only look at a home to evaluate whether it’s been built to code, but the data from an air test provides proof of its quality. The air test rating shows if you have done a careful job.”

Jon has been working with Lentel since 2003, completing his Red Seal certification in 2006, and adding to his expertise over the years with additional training in best practices and energy efficiency.

“My favourite part of any project is six months after the owners have moved in, when I get to see how the house has turned into a true home. Sometimes we’re in the home to do a follow-up check-in, but other times, clients have invited us back to say thank you, or to celebrate their new place.”

- Jon

Rick Vugteveen

Site Supervisor/Carpenter
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Rick started working with Lentel in 1977 and decades of experience have given him the ability to judge the quality of a job with a single look. Problem-solving is one of Rick’s favourite parts of any project – “because problems become knowledge” – and he brings that knowledge to every project, along with a detail-oriented approach, and the personal satisfaction he finds in doing good work and making clients happy.

Like everyone at Lentel, he appreciates the camaraderie of their team. “Everyone gets along, and is able to offer solutions from different perspectives. Our team approach means that we get the best possible solution to any problem.”

“I think what makes Lentel stand out is how far we’re willing to go to do good work and make clients happy. For me, success is being happy with the work we did, and then seeing the client’s face light up when they see the final product!”

- Rick

Nicole Baiza

Office Administrator, Bookkeeper
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Nicole started with Lentel in 2005 when her father, Harry, asked her to use her administrative experience to help with Lentel’s payroll. Her careful attention to detail, and ability to learn on-the-job, meant that Nicole quickly grew into the role, becoming Lentel’s full-time bookkeeper and office administrator as our systems went online and processes were modernized. “One of Lentel’s strengths is how we communicate with our clients – questions and concerns are answered promptly, and everyone is treated with respect.”

“We don’t believe in hidden charges, and our invoicing is transparent. We attach all subtrade bills so that clients have an accurate and honest account of the project expenses.”

- Nicole

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“A skilled team that cares about the quality of their work is essential to the success of any project.”

Peter Klomps, Project Manager

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