Boundary Bay Beauty

This new home project was a collaboration between Lentel, the designers, and the creative homeowner, a recently retired film director and producer. The client wanted to evoke a modern, 1960s-style feel in her beachfront home, which has views from Boundary Bay to Mount Baker.

Unusual and reclaimed materials were a feature of this project. The pool and hot tub were custom-made from steel and transported from Vancouver Island to the site. The home’s soffit and siding material came from milled wood that had originally been part of a water storage tank in Burns Bog for more than 100 years.

The build presented several interesting design challenges, beginning with the site. Along Beach Grove Road in Tsawwassen, archeological surveys are required if construction will disturb the ground past a prescribed depth. To avoid digging deep, we built the home on a raised foundation and installed the pool partially above ground.

Inside, the owner envisioned a floating staircase. Our team worked closely with Precision Stair Systems and our engineer to create the successful design. The stringers and lower landing appear to float in midair, but if you look closely, you can see the single point at which the structure connects to a support post.

At peak performance, solar panels provide 83% of the homes energy needs – the owner did not want to source panels manufactured in China, so our team had the challenging task of trying to find panels that were manufactured elsewhere, and were eventually successful in sourcing panels from the U.S.

Custom Home

  • Tsawwassen, BC


  • 2,501 sq. ft. +
    451 sq. ft. garage


  • Jennifer Heath House Design


  • BUILT GREEN® Platinum

    Building Program

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