K. Jones

When my wife and I decided to build our dream piano studio, we solicited friends and local Delta homeowners to refer the best construction companies to contact. Lentel Construction was the first (and often only) name given each and every time. And their countless finished projects and satisfied customers throughout Delta are a testament to that reputation.

Though considered a “small job” to others, Harry and Greg’s uncompromising attention to the every detail ensured our “little” dream was completed to perfection. Harry was often the first person on site every morning and the last person to lock up every day, reviewing the work and guaranteeing each step was completed to their satisfaction. Along with their polite, professional crew, expert sub-trades, and quality suppliers, we knew Lentel brought their best on site each and every day.

In the end, Lentel Construction brought our dream to reality, on time and on budget; exceeding our expectations in every way. We truly valued their honesty, genuine kindness, and respect for our property and privacy. They are a company of true integrity and we are happy to now join the many who refer Lentel Construction first.

K. Jones

Ron and Stephanie V.

In our search for a new home we came upon a beauty in the Cove Links area. It was clear after a home inspection that we had found our home as the inspector claimed that he had never given a house such high marks as this particular one. Our own initial look at the house showed that there was great attention to detail in every aspect of the house.

Each piece of the house was completed to perfection and it was clear that this was no ordinary builder. After one year of living in this beautiful home we had yet called Lentel Construction for any issues or touch ups. I have a few family members who are looking to build new homes and I will definitely ensure that they use Lentel Construction for their projects.

Ron and Stephanie V.

Joanne Evans, RE/Max Progroup

Harry and Greg Vantol were referred to us by not only our house designer but as well by friends who watched Lentel Construction complete a major home renovation next door and admired not only their outstanding workmanship but the respect that the crew showed to the neighbours day after day. When I mentioned to a colleague that we had hired Lentel Construction to build our new home, the response was ‘they really are the best’.
Harry, Greg and the crew brought forth not only their exceptional craftsmanship, but as well, the very best of sub trades that kept the job on schedule all the while checking and double checking that the work met Lentel Construction’s very high standard.

As well, it was only because of their experience and reputation in our community that various building issues as Building Permits, Archeology Approval and new Demolition regulations that we were able to keep to our time schedule.

When we were indecisive about our choices, their expertise helped us guide the way.To summarize, we feel so fortunate that Lentel Construction had the time available to help us build our beautiful new home. They were so professional the whole way through, respectful and such hard workers. Their expectation of nothing less than perfect shows in every corner.

Joanne Evans
RE/Max Progroup

Watson & Barnard Land Surveyors & Engineers

As a Land Surveying / Engineering firm we practise in the development industry. The Van Tol family ( Lentel Construction ) are highly respected builders. We had no hesitation in choosing Harry & Greg to manage and construct our project. All of their sub-trades were of similar reputation. They have been excellent to work with.

We experienced great service, outstanding quality, honesty and genuine value from start to finish. I have no hesitation in recommending Lentel Construction to any of our clients.

Warren & Heather
Warren E. Barnard, ALS,BCLS,CLS,PLS,P.Eng
Watson & Barnard Land Surveyors & Engineers

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